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Through the evolution of hygienic and beauty practices, we have seen a shift from lab-made ingredients back to natural ingredients. It seems only logical to use natural ingredients to avoid harm to the body in regards to its general health as well as its moisture and pH balances. Similarly, while our minds are at ease with regards to our health, natural ingredients are also good for the environment – as long as they are responsibly sourced.

First of all, the distinction of the different uses of “natural” labelling in the industry must be made. “Natural” products can mean the product has some natural ingredients, however “100% natural” or “all-natural” products contain ONLY natural ingredients. Green Cricket proudly belongs to the latter group.

But, why choose natural?

Why not! Most of the sensitivities, allergies, reactions and potential hazardous human health effects that arise from hygienic and cosmetic products are due to their artificial components; such as preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Although some artificial chemicals are deemed safe, their interactions between each other, when presented in everyday-use against other artificial-chemical-containing products are, to some degree, unknown. By choosing all natural products, the risk of encountering a potentially harmful ingredient is incrementally lowered. Is it because of Green Cricket’s commitment to not jeopardize health and quality, that we develop all our retail products artificial-chemical free.

Green Cricket’s retail products are preserved by a natural, plant based coconut extract which allows for the avoidance of artificial-chemical introduction into our products. Similarly, we offer fragrance free (and perfume free) choices in most of our products. However, if fragrance free is not your preference, we have beautifully crafted scents that are made from essential oils and thus, once again allows for the omission of artificial chemicals.

These aspects, although beneficial in terms of human health due to their gentleness, are just as equally conscious of the environment’s health post consumer use. Due to their nature, the ingredients used in Green Cricket products do not pose a threat in terms of contamination, or alteration of water quality once the product passes household pipes. The formulas are meant to be biodegradable and septic friendly to allow for safe handling and processing through water treatment systems.

By excluding harsh components off of your daily routine and replacing these with our all-natural shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes, lotions, sunscreens and other products, you can allow your body to be naturally beautiful and naturally YOU!

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  1. Jen

    Is your green cricket lip balm non nano? Also is the iron oxide in it non nano and tested to make sure it doesn’t have heavy metal residue?

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