The Greening of Golf

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Golf courses have heard their stakeholders’ concerns and have made way for environmentally responsible leisure! In the past, golf courses were not an idea readily associated with green practices due to their extensive pesticide and fertilizer use. The use of materials such as these created great troubles for water quality and life in aquatic environments, due to nutrient enrichment of the water through nitrogen and phosphorus deposits. Living in areas close to the great lakes, allows for water quality responsibility to more easily be demanded to our biggest polluters. Thus, causing an innovative push for better management systems and operations of businesses previously affecting these parameters – and Green Cricket is happy to lend a helping hand.

Green Cricket provides a vast number of golf courses with hand soap, shower amenities, mouthwash, lotions and sunscreen products. The all-natural, biodegradable and septic friendly formula allows for buyers and consumers to wash their ecological worries away as they scrub off their pin high game. Due to their nature, Green Cricket products allow for the healthy propagation of essential aquatic microorganisms while remaining effective with mild ingredients- thus benefiting both humans and wildlife. Part of the reason Green Cricket has become the preferred choice for some golf courses, is the mirroring of ideas between the company’s core values and that of the courses’ Audubon Certifications.  

Audubon certified golf courses show the public their environmental commitment towards the healthy practice of the sport, and their transparency towards achieving this. With Audubon criteria, courses are limited to the types of products used for maintenance of both indoor and outdoor spaces; assuring a human and ecologically safe business.

Next time, ask or look for our name while you enjoy some well-deserved leisure. Now, with more responsible practices and products available to you at your favourite golf course, you can take a guilt free swing and enjoy the fresh air with some help from your cricket friends.

Check out our products for more information on how Green Cricket is helping businesses and consumers reach their stewardship goals with an effective, yet gentle touch.

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