Green Cricket’s Inspiration

What do you do when your child is suffering? You do everything you can to make that suffering end. This is how Green Cricket was born. Founder Susan Mey’s daughter was suffering from painful reactions to ingredients found in everyday body and household cleaning products. After researching how few products were available that were natural and allergen-free, Mey decided to create her own line of products.

High Quality Ingredients

This passion for high-quality and natural ingredients has been the driving force behind Green Cricket’s product development since day one. Mey and the team at Green Cricket have strived to maintain the balance between products that are healthy and safe for those using them while also being eco-friendly. What does this mean? It means a line of products that you can use anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

Producing natural products since 2010.

Making A Difference

You may have used Green Cricket products without knowing it! Schools, golf and health clubs, large organizations, and spas across Canada are using Green Cricket in to provide safe, quality products for their clients and employees. Green Cricket products help them make a difference for the environment and the people who matter to them. Green Cricket Promise: We are committed to being Canada’s leading natural product developer and bringing an exceptional experience to both consumer and commercial clients.

Try Our Products

We invite you to try our line of personal and household products that will make your body and home healthy, safe and clean. Green Crickets helps you make a difference for your family and the environment.


Meet The Team

Susan Mey

President & Founder

Ian Ferguson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Dr. Trevor Smith

PhD Chemistry

Peggy Smith


Green Cricket Brand Ambassadors

Susan Bevan
Kamloops, BC

I am proud to represent the Green Cricket brand in many of our health food stores in the B.C. interior, and I also use many of their products in my own home. I believe in the importance of using naturally formulated products for better health and well-being, and I love the fact that Green Cricket is a Canadian Company. Green Cricket products also work very well, especially the natural shampoo and conditioner, the lotions (the new Citrus scent is lovely), and the dish soap. Effective, clean, and lovely products to use.

Elena Cirillo

As an R.H.N. and a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist I strongly believe in the importance of natural products. It is crucial that we are vigilant in using clean products externally on our skin as our health internally is dependent on our choices. This is why I very proudly represent Green Cricket as a Demo Ambassador knowing their products offer safe, high quality ingredients at an affordable price and is also Vegan and Canadian owned!

Kim Hatchard
Okanagan & Interior, BC

Green Cricket is a beautiful Canadian product line that I have had the privilege of using and representing for more than a year! Safe and effective, everyone feels good about using Green Cricket!

Shannon Thacyk
Vancouver Island, BC

Shannon brings over a decade of experience in the natural health industry. This wealth of experience has enabled Shannon to understand the demographics and unique requirements of each account making her a valuable asset to the natural health industry. Shannon recently obtained her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Royal Roads University which has given her an in depth appreciation and understanding of what is required to be successful in business.

Vicki Eng
Vancouver, BC

Working with Green Cricket gives me the opportunity to be with people, which I love, working with a product that I believe in since my family has many allergy problems with their skin, Green Cricket Works. Green Cricket Shampoo Fragrance Free works wonders for my dog since he has skin issues too. Green Cricket solved all, better than any pet/baby shampoo on the market.