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Green Cricket Interview with Kate Pepler from  The Tare shop

1) What inspires you to start The Tare Shop?

I started living a zero waste lifestyle, but found it so hard to shop package free in Halifax. I thought others must be trying to reduce their waste as well, and was inspired to open my own package free shop.

2) What does a day at work look like for you?

It totally depends! Some days I am on the floors, other days I am running around doing errands for the shop, some days I am stuck in front of my computer or at meetings all day! I’m in the process of opening a second location at the moment, so have been busy trying to get permits approved and the plans finalized!

3) With the COVID 19 pandemic, what has changed in terms of your store and customers?

Our cafe is temporarily closed, and we have a maximum of 5 customers allowed in the shop at a time. We have stations set up so that the customers are spaced throughout the store, and customers are distanced from the staff!

4) What is your favourite product from Green Cricket and how do you incorporate it into your daily routine?

I love the sunscreen and the mouthwash!

5) How has adopting a more sustainable lifestyle changed your daily life?

In every way! At first some things took a bit of time to remember, but once things become a habit, and once you really understand and have a reason to be reducing the waste in your life, or live more sustainably, it becomes so much easier!

Visit The Tare Shop website. 

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