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Green Cricket Interview with A Greener Place

1) What inspires you to start A Greener Place?

My children and all other children across the world deserve to grow up in a place that they can be proud of and respect. I wanted to show them that every little bit makes a difference and if enough people lead by example, maybe that way will become the norm.

2) What does a day at work look like for you?

I spend most of my days in the shop right now putting together any online orders that need to be shipped or get orders ready that are placed for curbside pickup. I spend some time analyzing my inventory and reordering anything necessary. I help customers in store, online through social media, email, or by phone. I need to ensure the refill area is clean and products are topped up if necessary. Accounting and bookkeeping, as well as researching new potential products to add to our shop are also included in there some days.

3) With the COVID 19 pandemic, what has changed in terms of your store and customers?

We had to adapt to fully online sales when the pandemic hit and we had to close our shop for about 3 months. We offered deliveries, curbside pickup, and shipping. We had to adapt our refill format to using deposit jars instead of refilling personal containers as well.

4) What is your favourite product from Green Cricket and how do you incorporate it into your daily routine??

We love the foaming hand soap! We use it at home and in the shop. Our kids love foaming ones with all the bubbles and this way we don’t have to buy all of the wasteful bottles every time – we just refill our bottle!

5) How has adopting a more sustainable lifestyle changed your daily life?

We are more thoughtful about every product we bring into our house. We avoid excessive plastic packaging wherever possible, refill when available, and reuse or make what we need. Repurposing things can be a fun way to test your creativity and forces us to think about the packaging of an item before we buy it – is this something I can reuse after?

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