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The Refill Revolution

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You may have noticed the surge of interest in refilling your bottle of personal care or cleaning products from your local shop that sells those products by volume or weight from bulk containers. Welcome to the Refill Revolution! The Zero Waste initiative is sweeping the country as more and more retailers are responding to the growing awareness of the need to reduce plastic and packaging in the world.

Like any other form of progress, from the Industrial Revolution to the invention of the computer, small steps taken to improve our environment has now brought us to the realization that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the true impact that dramatic change could have. While we started with making sure that our packaging was recyclable, we now realize that more than 70% of plastic waste is not recycled and sits in landfills for hundreds of years anyway; and if it is recycled, the process and outcome has a heavy environmental footprint. So much for progress!

The answer it seems is to move away from the production of plastic in the first place which means, decreasing demand in society. The challenge? Finding a workable model that ensures the safety and consistent high standards that can more easily be achieved in an end to end process. The answer? Go to a bulk fill retailer and ask what they do to provide a safe, effective, economical product solution.

Check out our bulk refill options, whether you are a retailer, or a consumer hooked on one of our great products!

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  1. Michele Dallaire

    Hello, my name is Michele Dallaire, I am the owner of a Health food store in Valemount BC. I want to move the direction of the store into a more zero waste/refill your bottle store. Could I buy some of your products bulk? Please let me know how I can go about this.
    Thank you,

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