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Children today suffer from more allergies and irritants than ever before. Schools and daycares are having a hard time finding a solution to help with the sensitivities of their staff and students. Green Cricket eliminates common allergens in their ingredients and uses a plant- based formula for a safer and healthier school environment.

From hands to hallways

Our soaps and bulk size cleaning products were originally created because of a request from a local daycare in Toronto. After purchasing our natural foaming hand soap in retail sizes by the box load they approached us about making the product in a larger, dispenser format for convenience and economy. Our product was the only product they’d been able to find that didn’t irritate the sensitive skin of their students and staff who had allergies. Five years later, we have created a complete line of affordable bulk products available to help schools and daycares make a difference from cleaning hands to cleaning hallways.

We’ve been confidently using Green Cricket products for the past 5 years as a safer and healthier option for our centre. Their Foaming Hand Wash soap is gentle for little hands but strong enough to wash away pesky germs. After testing several different All-Purpose cleaners we found that Green Cricket’s product is far superior and the best on the market.

The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc.

Green Cricket Natural Cleaning Supplies in Schools and Daycares

Green Cricket has foaming hand soap available in bottles or dispenser units to help you keep sensitive hands clean. Green Cricket also has a range of cleaning products which includes bathroom cleaner, evaporating cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner, made from natural ingredients that are safer for skin and the earth. Shop our Natural Cleaning Products for your school or daycare!

Natural products made in Canada

Our products are made without common allergens and irritants and are free from sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, mineral oils, polyethylene glycol, artificial fragrance, colours and dye.

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