Mobile Floor Hand Sanitizer Stations + 4x4L Hand Sanitizer Bundle

$813.36 $622.48


We carry XtraSafe Hand Sanitizing Systems. Made in Canada, these sleek and efficient mobile units are activated with a foot pedal (no electrical outlet or battery needed) and come with a lifetime warranty. These sanitizer silos hold up to 5.5 litres of hand sanitizer (3500 applications) and come beautifully finished with a stainless steel base, white aluminum finish, and can also be customized with your own logo. Perfect for commercial use!

Receive 25% off when purchasing our 4x4L Hand Sanitizer Gel and the new floor station together (Floor Hand Sanitizer Station $395.00 + $227.48 (4 x 4L )) for $622.48 CAD. Regular price for the floor hand sanitizer station is $529 CAD and the regular price for 4x4L hand sanitizer is $284.36 CAD. Each stand holds 5.5L of the Green Cricket Hand Sanitizer Gel. Offer available in both Orange Breeze (Citrus) and Fragrance-Free.


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