2x Non toxic Laundry Detergent and Non-toxic All Purpose Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner



Non-toxic Bathroom Cleaner cleans without using harsh chemicals. Non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, perfect for daycares, schools, health care institutions or spas and health clubs.

Perfect for Retail Bulk Refill Program. Zero waste bulk refill All-Purpose Cleaner.  Buy Online below or at the refillery near you. Check out our store directory for the refill station near you.

Instructions: Use on tough to clean tile and porcelain surfaces. Spray and leave for 1 minute. Wipe dry.

Available for delivery in Canada & USA.

Aqua, Alkyl polyglucoside (a sugar-based surfactant used to remove dirt and soils), Citric acid (a natural acid used to reduce water hardness and adjust pH), Coconut-based acid, Corn-based ethanol (a plant-based alcohol often used as a solvent), Essential oils (oil derived from plant material).

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Weight 9 lbs
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Grapefruit Mandarin


1x4L Jug, 4x4L Jugs

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