Making an Effective Child Friendly Sanitizer

Making an Effective Child Friendly Sanitizer

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While the CDC and Health Canada both recommend proper hand washing to prevent the spread of harmful germs as the best line of defense, using a hand sanitizer is the next best option when a sink and water are not available.  

But not all hand sanitizers are safe for children.  Depending on the type of alcohol used, and the other ingredients, many hand sanitizers can be too irritating for young delicate skin and can be restricted to “over 18 years of age”.  Make sure you read the label carefully.  A Sanitizer that is safe for children will have a Recommended Dose for Ages 2 and over, and the amount dispensed should be a very small amount close to 1ml.  Parents should watch children rub the sanitizer on their hands and ensure that it is completely dry to prevent the alcohol from being rubbed onto their face, or inadvertently getting into their face and mouth.  

Sanitizers are made with either Ethanol or Isopropanol and the Standards set by CDC and WHO, which have been adopted by Health Canada, require at least  60% Ethanol or 70% Isopropanol in order to ensure effectiveness in the current pandemic  

We have used 62% Ethanol, which is a plant based alcohol, along with other naturally derived ingredients to ensure that our Green Cricket Hand Sanitizer is safe for Children over the Age of 2 while still meeting the Health Canada requirements.  Our NPN# is clearly shown on the front of the label as prescribed by Health Canada as well as the stated Instructions for use and Warnings.

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